Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design is a Hampton Roads family owned and operated business, now in its second decade of service. We are a financially stable company with a long term family business attitude. Our company's philosophy is based on quality service and environmental enhancement.


Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design has established a reputation as the leader in lawn care and landscape design with quality, service, experience and value. Custom Lawn offers a proven track record of creative, quality landscape design and lawn maintenance. You deserve the best in landscape design/build and maintenance... You deserve Custom Lawn!

Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design total quality assurance program is oriented toward the goal of "total customer satisfaction". Through years of pacesetting and achievements Custom Lawn has established itself as the area's leader in landscape design and lawn maintenance. If you strive to achieve a balance of the finest product and the best value for your property, look no further than Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design.

Perhaps one of our best selling points is our experience in the lawn care and landscape industry, which includes over 10 years of happy clients.. It's difficult to stay in business in a market as competitive as Hampton Road's unless you're "doing it the right way." We've not only survived, we've thrived because of our commitment to being the best.

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Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design provides complete spring and fall cleanups to all our mowing and fertilization customers.
Spring cleanups consist of a Cutting of your property, cleaning out of all ornamental beds, and the removal of all debris.
Fall cleanups are done an average of three times. The first cleanup will be done the last two weeks of October when we cut your property. The second cleanup will be done the first two weeks of November at the same time we cut your property. Ornamental beds will not be cleaned out the first two cleanups. The third and final cleanup will be done the last two weeks of November, all beds will be cleaned out and all leaves removed from the property.

Mulch - Revelations Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design will deliver & install premium mulch. Bark Mulch installation includes edging of all ornamental beds. Mulch is typically installed at a depth of two to three inches. We carry premium mulch, in a variety of colors.
Ornamental Bed Edging - Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design will professionally edge all ornamental beds.
Ornamental Bed Weeding - Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design will weed all ornamental beds on a bi-weekly basis.
Shrub Trimming - Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design will professionally trim and shape all shrubs and plantings. All clippings will be removed.
Lawn Seeding - Revelations Lawn Care uses the highest quality profession seed. Your lawn will be evaluated to determine what seed mix is proper for the area being seeded. We will prepare any areas that need seeding including the addition of topsoil. All costs are for the seeding and preparation of the area to be seeded are optional.

Proper watering is essential to having a beautiful lawn for the entire growing season. Knowing when to water, and how long to water, can save on watering bills and improve the quality of your lawn.
Watering should be done early in the day, between 6am and 10 am. Watering in the morning hours is recommended because it is usually less windy in the morning which reduces water drift and evaporation. Watering in the morning also provides your lawn with the water it needs to stay healthy during times of stress such as extreme heat and foot traffic. Watering in the evening or at night is strongly discouraged because when water is left on the plant surface for prolonged periods disease and fungal activity increase. In general, watering should be done for thirty to forty five minutes in sunny areas and for between fifteen and thirty minutes in shady areas. I have found that many people water for only ten to twenty minutes at a time. Light watering such as this does not provide the needed water to the plant and actually wastes water. Deep watering is needed to get the water down to the root system. Remember when you water some water evaporates due to wind and drift. Water also evaporates from the dead material and thatch in your lawn that needs to be soaked by the water before any water gets to the root systems. As much as fifty percent of the water you provide is wasted due to these factors so deep watering is recommended.
Knowing how often to water is not an exact science. Different seasons have different watering needs. Your lawn needs much less water in May when the temperatures might be in the 60’s or 70’s as opposed to July or August when temperatures can be in the high 80’s or 90’s for several days. Many people set their sprinklers to come on every other day, for ten to twenty minutes per zone all season long. This practice wastes considerable water. Your lawn is over watered in the spring when it is not necessary and under watered in the summer when it needs the water. Typically you should water once a week for 30-45 minutes, when the temperature is below 75 degrees. When the temperature is between 75 degrees and 85 degrees you might need to water two to three days a week. During periods of heat when the temperature is above 85 degrees, you might have to water three to four days a week. I’ve seen very rare cases where temperatures stayed above 90 degrees for several days where lawns needed to be watered daily during that time. Mother Nature provides your lawn with water so that we will not need to use irrigation. Many people continue to irrigate their lawns even though it may have just rained recently. For example, if we have temperatures in the low 80’s for a few days to a week then you know you should water two to three times a week. If it rains during that week you should cut back on running your irrigation once during that week to compensate for the fact it rained during that period. This will in turn save water and will reduce your water bill, or you may need to use that water later in the year. Not all lawns are the same, the guidelines I have pointed out are generalities and you need to adjust things accordingly. Changing your watering practices a little bit can have a great benefit to your lawn and to your water bill.

Tired of dragging hoses around to water your lawn? Why not let an automatic underground sprinkler system do it for you!

  • No more ugly hoses draped across your front lawn

  • No more forgetting to move the sprinkler to a different location

  • No more inconsistent watering patterns

With an automatic sprinkler system, all you have to do is set up a watering program that works best for your property, turn the controller to the "AUTO" position, and you're off to the golf course! It's as simple as that. This system will allow your lawn to receive a uniform, consistent watering ever time.
The installation process is very simple as well and will do almost no damage to an existing lawn. The other great feature of this system is that there is almost no maintenance required. A simple winterization process is about all there is to it.
So, before you spend another summer chasing hoses around, consider installing an automatic sprinkler system and start enjoying more of your summer! Call now for a free consultation.

Proper lawn mowing is essential to a healthy lawn. Lawns that are mown properly have fewer weeds and have better drought stress tolerance. Proper mowing basically consists of three things, proper mowing height, mowing with a sharp blade, and proper mowing frequency. Most lawns in our area consist of Tall Fescue, Bermuda grass, and fine fescue. Proper mowing height for these three grasses is two and a half to three inches. Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design mows all of our lawns at a height of three inches throughout the spring and summer months. Mowing with a sharp blade is a very important part of proper lawn care. When a lawn is mowed the plant itself is damaged and the plant must repair the damage that has occurred. Your lawn uses water and fertilizer to repair this damage. Mowing with a sharp blade reduces the stress on the plant thus reducing the need for water and fertilizer.
Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design sharpens its blades on a weekly basis guaranteeing you a sharp clean cut every time. The final ingredient in proper mowing is how frequently your lawn is mowed. Scientific studies in plant health have shown that no more than one-third of the leaf blade should be removed at one time. If a lawn is kept at a height of three inches you should mow your lawn when it reaches a height of four to four and a half inches. A typical lawn that is properly fertilized and watered will grow between one and three inches in a week. Custom Lawn mows all of our customers on a weekly basis to provide them with the highest quality of cut.
When choosing a lawn care company, it is vital to choose a company that is going to do what is right for your lawn. Proper lawn mowing is essential to having the thick, green lawn, you want. Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design mows every lawn we maintain on a weekly basis at the proper height and with a sharp blade.

Thatch is a layer of dead, decaying roots that build up between the soil and the plant itself. A layer of thatch is wanted in your lawn, typically between ?" and ?". The problem occurs when too much thatch builds up in your lawn. A thick layer of thatch prohibits fertilizer, water and air from reaching the root systems of your lawn.
Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design uses a dethatching machine to remove the excess thatch in your lawn. Many companies will rake your lawn or use a spring rake to dethatch your lawn. Both these methods do not adequately remove thatch from your lawn. A dethatching machine not only removes thatch but will also remove dead materials that accumulate above the thatch layer. Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design recommends dethatching your lawn every year, so if your lawn hasn’t been dethatched in a few years you should think about having it done. Lawn dethatching is of great benefit to your lawn and helps keep it healthy and green throughout the year.

Lawn aeration is the process of removing small soil plugs or cores out of your lawn. A machine is used to remove two to three inch deep cores out of your lawn. Lawn aeration is used to reduce compaction of soil from lawn mowing, foot traffic and pets. Low areas in your lawn that frequently accumulate puddles from rain are also areas susceptible to lawn compaction.
Lawn aeration is done to improve “microbial activity” in the soil which reduces thatch buildup. It increases air, water, and nutrient movement in the soil. Lawn aeration improves root growth which in turn reduces watering needs. It also reduces water and fertilizer run off due to compacted soil. Lawns can be aerated any time of year. Golf courses aerate their greens every year because of its great benefit. I would recommend aerating your lawn at least once every three years.

Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design provides the highest quality fertilization programs in the area. We use the highest quality products along with exceptional service to give your lawn the care it needs. Our program consists of six applications, spaced out throughout the growing season to provide your lawn the nutrients it needs.
The first of two (2) applications is a “pre-emergent crabgrass control and fertilizer application”. This application prohibits the growth of crabgrass and provides an early spring “green-up”. This application is put down in Early March & Second April to early May.
The second application is your “weed & feed application”. We provide your lawn with a fertilizer application plus spray liquid weed control. We spray for weeds every application to help guarantee a weed free lawn, many lawn care companies just spray once a year. Weeds germinate throughout the year so why only spray once? This application is applied during the month of May into early June.
The third application is your "grub control and fertilizer application". We continue our regular fertilization and put down merit grub control on your lawn. Merit grub control is the best product on the market to control grubs. Many lawn care companies charge extra for merit, with Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design its standard. This application is applied in June to early July.
The fourth application is a "post-emergent crabgrass control and fertilizer application". Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design wants you to have the highest quality lawn so as part of our program we spray post-emergently for any stubborn crabgrass that may germinate in the summer months. Many lawn care companies do not provide this service or charge extra with Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design its standard. Your lawn will also receive a summer blend fertilizer to help maintain it during the summer months. This application is applied during the month of July.
The fifth application is a “fall fertilization application”. During the summer months your lawn is stressed due to the usual high temperatures we receive in our area. Fall is the time of year your lawn repairs the summer stress, multiplies and thickens up. The hot days of summer are over and cool nights help your lawn multiply and grow. This application is applied in September and provides your lawn with the nutrients your lawn needs to multiply and thicken up.
The six application is your “winterize application”. Applied in October, this fertilizer blend provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to store food in the root systems of the plants to help survive the winter months.
Not all fertilization programs are created equal. Many programs do not use the latest technological fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. These products are of lesser quality and do not provide the results you are looking for. Other programs use less fertilizer on your lawn as a way to reduce cost, but in the end all it does is reduce quality. Custom Lawn Manicuring & Design provides the highest quality products in the industry and we apply between three quarters of a pound and one pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet on each of our six applications. When comparing fertilization programs you need to ask, do they provide the same quality products and do they apply the same amount of product? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you should ask!